Guoxian Technology Comes to LOKOMO-Intelligent Manufacturing Leads the Development of Industry

date:2019/6/19 9:36:11   visits:

On June 19, 2019, General Gan of Shenzhen Guoxian Science and Technology Co., Ltd. visited Weifang Lujia Seiko Co., Ltd. and had in-depth exchanges.

During this visit, Luca Seiko demonstrated to customers the development process of the enterprise and its capabilities in precision processing, precision assembly, spot welding, motion control, flexible assembly and other equipment fields, which were highly recognized by customers. Subsequently, we visited the precision machining center, the assembly site of the whole machine, and the intelligent warehousing and distribution line built by Luca Seiko for the group company (Gore Stock), which fully affirmed Luca Seiko's intelligence.

At the same time, the two sides made in-depth discussion on the future development trend of display industry and warehousing logistics industry, pointing out that we should constantly promote product upgrading, firmly grasp the core technology of products, and cooperate mutually beneficial to contribute to China's manufacturing 2025.

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