• Market Research

    Requirements:1 people、Bachelor degree or above

  • Customer management

    Requirements:2 people、Bachelor degree or above

  • Sales

    Requirements:3 people、Bachelor degree or above

  • Algorithmic Engineer

    Requirements:3 people、Master degree or above

  • Mechanical Development Engineer

    Requirements:2 people、Bachelor degree or above

  • Embedded Software Engineer

    Requirements:1 people、Bachelor degree or above


Submit resume email:hr.pub@lokomo.cn


Lokomo provides each employee with space for growth and development, and builds a comprehensive training system.


  • Manpower policy

    In a relaxed and comfortable working environment, all employees of Lokomo can make the best use of their talents, the employees, the company and the society will achieve mutual development.

  • Talent development

    Talent is the cornerstone of enterprise development. Lokomo sets up a perfect career development channel. While the company is developing rapidly, it helps employees to position themselves through the platform and achieve personal career development goals.

  • Goal-oriented

    Human resources management with performance and ability as the company's main line, on the basis of reflecting individual ability and value, pay more attention to the recognition of corporate culture, and the performance and contribution to the company.

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