Sun Zhengmin, chief consultant of SDIA, visits LOKOMO to talk about the future of display panel industry

date:2019/5/9 9:27:27   visits:

On April 29, 2019, Professor Sun Zhengmin, the chief consultant and senior expert of display industry of SDIA in Shenzhen, visited Weifang Lujia Seiko Co., Ltd.

Display panel industry has always been the main support business for Luca Seiko's rapid growth, which can not be separated from the close cooperation with industry associations, especially the support of "Shenzhen Flat Panel Display Industry Association". Both sides work together to promote the process of localization of display panel industry equipment. This time, the general manager of Luca Seiko received with the relevant department heads, showing the development process of the enterprise, as well as the efforts and achievements made by Luca Seiko in the display panel industry. Subsequently, we visited the precision machining center, the assembly site of the whole machine, and the demonstration line of the wearable equipment intelligent factory built by Luca Seiko for the group company (Gore Stock), which fully affirmed Luca Seiko's intelligent manufacturing ability. At the same time, the two sides made in-depth discussion on the future development trend of display industry, and pointed out that we should continue to promote product upgrading, firmly grasp the core technology of products, actively explore sales channels, strive to improve market competitiveness, and further strengthen and expand the enterprise.

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